What is a multipreneur? Answer # 5 might surpise you… unless YOU are a multipreneur


I thought I had made up the term, but it seems that there are quite a few people throwing it around these days.

It’s the word I think of (but don’t actually say) when people ask me,

What exactly IS it that you do?

I don’t actually use the word because then I’d have to explain to people what THAT means. I’d rather just take a stab at it in terms they understand.

But for your sake, since you’re reading this post, I’ll try to explain how I understand the word, “multipreneur.”

What is a multipreneur?

In my thinking, a multipreneur has at least these 5 character/personality traits:

1. Ambition

And I’m not talking about a selfish type of ambition (though I guess it could be that). What I mean is that a person I’d consider to be a multipreneur has to have their own, internal drive that gets them moving in the direction of accomplishment and success. They don’t have to have anyone telling them what to do, they figure it out on their own. “But wait!” you might say, “That sounds like a typical entrepreneur or business owner, to me!” Right you are.  Ambition alone does not the multipreneur make.

2. A drive to figure things out

multipreneurA multipreneur doesn’t wait around for someone to teach them… he/she goes out and finds the information needed to get moving in the direction they desire. You could call this being “self-taught” or able to teach themselves. But again, that could be said of a regular old “entrepreneur” as well. So, let’s keep going.

3. Varied talents and/or interests

Add to ambition and a self-teaching bent, a variety of interests and skills. Here’s where the difference between an entrepreneur and a multipreneur begins to take shape.

Many folks would be tempted to call a multpreneur “unfocused,” because he has so many irons in the fire. I guess that could be true from a certain perspective. But in my experience, it’s not that at all. I’ve come to see that the good LORD has given me many different interests, and an above-average amount of talent/skill within each of those interests. That equips me with an ability to do a good job at many different things.

4. Willingness to “take the plunge,” over and over again

Need a LIFE COACH? I do life & success coaching, rooted in the scriptures and aimed at practical living.
Here is the start of the defining characteristics of a person I’d consider to be a multipreneur – they are willing to start many different entrepreneurial endeavors, one after another. It’s not that they leave the first idea hanging, in order to get started on another. They keep the first plates spinning and then add a new project, idea, or venture to their already demanding schedule. For example, right now I am actively working on and promoting all of these projects/ventures:

I don’t care who you are, I dare you t0 say there’s any kind of rhyme or reason to that mess… other than the fact that I jumped into each of theme out of desire, and a belief that I am SUPPOSED to be doing them. I did so, knowing that every one of them would place an additional burden on me. I did so knowing that the more I add to my plate, the more carefully I have to manage my schedule and time, for the sake of my family, and for the sake of my sanity.

5. A delight in being busy with a variety of things

And here is the really weird part. I actually LIKE being that busy, and so scattered in my interests. It’s fun to me. I love the creative part of coming up with ideas, figuring out how to make them work, and putting together systems and processes to keep them rolling.

I know, it would drive some people crazy, but that’s the beauty of being one of God’s creatures. He’s made each of us unique and points us down a path that is right for us.

A caution for multipreneurs

a caution for multipreneurs

It should go without saying, but I’m going to say it anyway. If you think, or know, that you are a multipreneur, be careful.

  • Because of how you’re wired, you can overdo it pretty easily. Stress can easily become an unhelpful companion.
  • Because you’ll tend to take on too much, your family can suffer as a result.
  • You will tend toward being driven by what is urgent, rather than by what is truly important. You have to get a handle on that, for the sake of your sanity.
  • You might be tempted to drop projects that are unfinished, in favor of new ideas or inspirations. Figure out how to discipline yourself to stay on track until things are completed. You’ll be thankful you did.

A caution for you non-multipreneurs

Don’t be so quick to label us multipreneurs as “un-focused” or “undisciplined.” We don’t really expect you to understand, because you’re not wired like we are. But at the very least, give us the benefit of the doubt. Multipreneurs, just like you, are reasonably mature adults (in most cases), and make their decisions with forethought and wisdom most of the time.

We’re not wrong, or bad, we’re just different than you.

I wonder what you think of this idea of being a multipreneur? Does it resonate with you? Does it make you cringe?


  1. I am literally sitting here LMBO and saying Thank God I am not the only multipreneur out there.
    This post so resonates with me because right now I am:
    1. Building up my site LivinLyfe Marketing website by writing content and doing Video Tutorials for Facebook
    2. Putting together a Free pdf of the Different Ways to Make Money online for my visitors.
    3. Putting together a presentation for College ladies on how they can make money online.
    4. Heading up a program to bring to the Churches, after school programs and eventually the public schools on making positive choices
    5. Doing ministry with my husband every Friday night and Sunday morning
    7. Started a new Origami Owl Jewelry business with my daughter to teach her the business side of things.
    8. Working with two wonderful woman on helping people find Assisted Living Facilities for their loved ones.

    I would add some more but I think I might be stoned. LOL Having to many irons in the fire is not alway a good thing but for the first time in my life I feel like God is at the helm of each of these ventures and he is leading, guiding and opening doors I never thought could open.
    I’m enjoying the journey and God is always at the wheel. 🙂

    Be Blessed,
    ~ Audrey

  2. THANK YOU for posting this article. It’s so difficult to answer the dreaded question of “What do you do for a living?” People think I’m crazy when I tell them what all I do, or they think I can’t possibly successfully manage everything well, but I can and I do. My brain never shuts down with new and awesome ideas. I carefully select how to spend my time and resources wisely for all projects I get involved with. It’s all very calculated with a lot of research going into everything I decide to pursue.

    Currently I am involved with the following:
    1. Adjunct Instructor for Medical Terminology at a local community college
    2. Community Outreach Coordinator at a local nonprofit health center
    3. Owner & Project Manager for VIP Professional Organizing.
    4. Owner of Paradise Pet Treats where I sell homemade, all natural, preservative free cat and dog treats at local farmers markets and festivals.
    5. Owner of an herb garden, where I will be selling, fruit, vegetables and herbs at local farmer’s markets. This includes cat nip, cat grass and products made with lavender.
    6. Youth mentor for Volunteers for Youth Justice
    7. VP of the board for an upcoming nonprofit designed to provide mechanisms for urgent needs stabilization in the community
    8. I also just got elected to be education coordinator for a local networking group that meets weekly.
    and much more!

    It’s very easy for me to just flip a mental switch when working on a particular project. People say they don’t know where I find the time to do so much, but to me, time management is a piece of cake. I love doing a little bit of everything. Growing up I never wanted to do the same 9-5 job at the same place. I always wanted to do something different every day of the week-and I am currently living that dream. I love being connected to so many organizations and communities in my state. I will more than likely run for public office one day.

  3. Carey Green:
    Hi there! I am absolutely astounded. I won’t go into the endless details, but I am overwhelmingly impressed. You talk like I think! Isn’t our God Almighty, almighty?
    I have known for years that I was different because of the way that I think regarding business (es) & creativity & life, in general, & especially regarding my point of view regarding The Lord. I read about a famous (& infamous) entrepreneur named Chase Revel who that I was amazed was doing what I had been dreaming about, but thought was impossible.
    I remember thinking that it was possible after all, because of a section in The Bible that spoke about how Moses’ father-in-law told him that the reason why he was exhausted & overworked was because he needed to delegate chores. He advised him to “hire” different ones to do different things, according to their abilities in a business flow chart sort of way. Well, I figured that a person could run more than one business using the same method.
    A multipreneur would just have to be much more focused with their own time, as a person who was into delagating everything. That would include everything, that they specifically, wanted to, in their own life, including cooking, cleaning, including having someone give them a bath, etc, etc, if they saw fit & it would cause them to be more productive.
    I have to say that I absolutely love your Scriptural truisms on the top of your website. I like what you said about balance & tending to the truly important (e.g. The Lord & family, personal care, our values, etc.) above the urgent.
    I kept searching for information regarding advice on how to run several businesses & info about people who do. I didn’t find an awful lot until recently. (Except for an AWESOME book: “Wishcraft” by Barbera Sher. [Not the best choice of names. Not in circulation. It can, almost for sure, be found at half.com for a very few $. It probably can be found in the library, of which, it can be found by them from other libraries There are endless resources & different things that she offers on her website.). I didn’t know what to call it. I found out that the word for this type of person is– multipreneur. Thought that I was, sort of alone, in this.
    I was further more astounded & blessed to find an excellent article on the subject on your website. I like your definition of a multipreneur. (I am not crazy after all!) I even cried when it became clear that you are a SERIOUS Christian that thinks just like we do, with a wonderful site that goes with you & who’s ultimate purpose is to promote The Lord in everything! And to think, I just thought that I was alone in my over active & creative imagination!
    My husband & I our Christian singers & musicians. This is just the beginning for us. All of this is just an even bigger confirmation of our calling!
    Thanx so much for the overwhelming encouragement! Mo Rossi 😀

    • Hey Monica, glad to have you chiming in on these comments. I’m so glad something I said struck a chord. It’s amazing how many of us multi-preneurs are out there but feel squished by the typical “focus on one thing” mentality. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure I could accomplish more stuff faster if I focused on one thing, but that’s simply not how I’m wired. I appreciate your encouragement about my integration of faith into my business practices too. That means a ton! See you around!

  4. Nice article here Carey, I have been referring to myself as a multipreneur for years and I didn’t realize that other people were using the same term/word. I had never heard anything or any use of the word besides my own use of it.

    I liked the part where you outlined what your thinking of what makes someone a multipreneur. Those are the same traits (plus a couple more) that I have personally and have the same view.

    Great read, Thanks for opening my eyes.

  5. Dorreth Witt PartyArtist

    I just Googled the word to see if it existed. Wow! So, I am not alone. A multi-preneur is like a multi-talented person, so they deserve the same respect & admiration. I am a multi-talented Artist. Thanks, for posting this article, Carey.

  6. Wow. Really explained the term well. I came across this article while searching for the difference between entrepreneur and multipreneur which an author used in one of his articles. After reading this, I think I am a multipreneur though I have to be more careful because most times “I tend to be driven by what is urgent, rather than by what is truly important”. Thanks for this wonderful post.

  7. Ho ho ho, you guys are my tribe!

    I am in a very early stage of starting businesses, but I really struggled to get my focus straight.
    I had too many ideas on what to do and which all to do. I started everything and nothing happened.

    But, I finally figured out one thing that I should really hire somebody and train them and systemize the business so that I can work at the higher level and let them to do the lower level stuff. Right now, I’m doing it successfully in one of my businesses. And building up more, I’ll be adding them one by one. But I “figured-out” how to do it with my current side hustle.

    One of the prime problems we multi-preneurs can face is burn-out. I got burnt out after I read the book The 10X rule by Grant Cardone, because I have my day job, I have my family, and I tried to be super active on LinkedIn to attract business owners, coaches, and trainers. I was able to and I did gain some business from it. But I was pushed to a burn-out state.

    So, my advice would be that we must continue to follow through on our gifts and do all the things that we intend to, but be vary of burn-out, relationships, and health. If you lose your relationships or health then no point in you being successful in life.

    The best way to do that is to systemize businesses and let it run on their own. It’s like a clone of yourself sitting to manage the business, while you take care of the important stuff in your life and for the business.

    Now, I am helping entrepreneurs, coaches, and trainers to have 26 hour days. By helping them to systemize their business, in various areas like Marketing, Hiring, Operations Management, Quality Assurance, Customer Service, and Reputation Management.

    If you want to know how to systemize your business and free up 2 hours time every single day then get in touch with me. 🙂 Happy to help you.

  8. I am so with you all.

    I just retired from a successful 13 year Real Estate sales career and have 4 different businesses running right now. I’m a certified Insanity Instructor and health coach, I can do construction ,sales, management, home repair, contracting and even my own automotive work, (although I currently choose not to have dirty fingernails at this stage of my life).

    Two of my businesses make 70% + of my 6 figure income, but both help to build a third business which I am very passionate about. They all work in harmony in my eyes, although they are not related. I love it, but most people can’t understand why I do what I do. They think I am not successful, but what is success? It has a different meaning to each of us. Success is in your own soul, not that of others. I can pay my bills and make my own hours.

    The toughest thing is what to say when people ask what I do. Here’s my answer.
    “I’m a retired Realtor who likes to teach people how to have more money while working less hours”.

    My advice is to think about your answer.
    Keep it short and simple.
    Write it down and own it.

    • Thanks for you input Ted. I agree… we multi types actually ENJOY the variety and multi-brain-ness of what we do. I know some people don’t get it and don’t like it, but we LOVE it.

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