Take the first step

When you take the first step – you are on the way.

Have you ever thought of it that way?

It doesn’t matter if we are talking about a climb up a mountain or a walk across the living room. A first step is necessary if you are ever going to get anywhere.

Often fear holds us back from taking that first step.

Or maybe it’s insecurity. Or doubt.

In the end, all of those are just excuses for inaction.

We have to decide that we want to move to a better place than we are now.

And that requires that we stretch the way we think – about ourselves, God, and our circumstances.

It will sound silly for me to say it this way – but we often default into this kind of crazy thinking:

You can’t remain where you are and expect to be someplace different tomorrow.

You just can’t.

Take the first step – it’s required for change to occur.

I recently produced an episode of my Live Build Change podcast that addressed this issue of taking the first step.

It’s not profound.

It’s not a miracle that’s going to change your world.

It’s lessons I’ve learned and have been able to apply to building a business or two.

And even though the episode is mainly about business stuff, it all comes back to how you think about taking the first step – and that applies to all of us.

So, here it is… just press the play button and you’ll be able to hear it.

And if you want to subscribe to the podcast, just go to www.LiveBuildChange.com.

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