Careyteaching5-1I’ve been honored to be able to apply God’s truth to the lives of everyday people (including myself) for over 20 years…

Over the past two years I’ve been seeing those truths in a new light – the light of business. It’s been a great time of discovery and enlightenment as the LORD has poured new insights into my mind.

One of the primary things I’ve come to see is this:

Overall, Christians are very poor at applying scriptural truths to the practice of business.

It’s more common to see believers in Christ picking up the theories and ideas touted by the non-believing world and applying them wholesale to their own business practices. I have no problem with that – if the practices they engage in conform to scriptural truth. The problem is that most believers in business don’t take the time to even consider the question.

Inviting me to speak at your event is risky… because I’m going to tell it like it is.

But I’ll do so with a heart to equip and motivate toward change… change that will enable Christian business folks to make the adjustments needed to bring greater glory to God.

My presentations are confrontive, challenging, and thoroughly grounded in scriptural truth.

Your audience will walk away with plenty to think about and practical changes to make to enable them to move forward in life and business.

 Topics I can address:

  • Why are you here? – How to find God’s purpose for your life.
  • Christ in You, the hope of your business.
  • Believe in yourself? Not on your life!
  • Goal setting: a practical step of genuine faith.
  • Business that glorifies God and blesses the world.
  • Work/life balance – what does it mean and is it possible?
  • Business = Ministry

Examples of my presentations…

Coming soon…

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