Mindset is what you believe, and what you believe matters! [PERISCOPE]

The Daily Mindset Reset for today is all about what you believe…

Because what you believe is what makes up your mindset.

Think of it like the software you’ve installed to help you make sense of yourself, the world, God, and circumstances.

But just because you’ve installed it doesn’t mean it’s true. You may believe things about those and many other topics that are untrue, which will give you a “wrong” mindset (yes, I do believe in right and wrong).

  • How do you know if your mindset is wrong?
  • How do you know where to find truth upon which to base your mindset?

That’s what this edition of the morning mindset reset is all about.

Join me M-F on Periscope at 8AM mountain time (translate to your time zone).

Thanks to PamperedPBMamma and others for joining me this morning. The interaction was fun!



  1. Hi Carey,

    Am Eric from Kenya, East Africa and I love your sharing through your blog and now the periscope. I am a believer, Jesus is my saviour. Am an entrepreneur and businessman and am also a youth minister in my local church.
    I thank God for you because you are modelling for me one of the key ministries in my life that God has been preparing me for, ministering to the believers in business and entrepreneurship.
    Please continue with the good work and we will be interacting as we go on.
    Bye and God’s blessings.

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