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Why Lack of Clarity About Goals Leads To Certain Failure [BT #2]

I hate lack of clarity… I just hate it! Relationships are built on the foundation of clarity – whether in your personal life or in your business. Think about it… Marriage partners HAVE to understand each other in order to love each other well. Business teams HAVE to be on the same page when it […]

Forgiveness of sins is REALLY possible. Even in a world that won’t call it “sin.”

I can say all kinds of things about my abilities, but the only thing that proves it is when I do what I say. Right? In this passage, Jesus said He could do something that is impossible to see – forgive sin. How can THAT be proven in an objective way, a way that others […]

The Formula For Becoming Known (and why you should want to) [BT #1]

Becoming known… It’s what every blogger, podcaster, coach, professional, sales leader, and anybody-who’s-anybody wants these days. It’s what personal branding and reputation management are all about. It’s got me thinking asking a question – one that I think if not only valid to ask, but IMPORTANT to ask: What out there in the jumble of internet […]

I’m afraid of myself. Really.

This might be the weirdest verse in the whole Bible. Here’s the story: Jesus just freed two wild men from demonic oppression. The demons left the men and inhabited a herd of pigs, which then went crazy (whatever pig-crazy looks like) and drown themselves in a nearby lake. When the herdsman went into the city […]

The day of judgement is coming. And that’s a good thing.

There are things in the world I hate. Yes, HATE. False accusations. Slander. Starvation. Ignorance. Disease. Abuse of Power. Manipulation. Terrorism. Lies. Inwardly, I rage against the wrong in the world. And inwardly I know I am ultimately helpless to stop it. Do you feel the same frustration? Many people do about a variety of […]

Take the first step

When you take the first step – you are on the way. Have you ever thought of it that way? It doesn’t matter if we are talking about a climb up a mountain or a walk across the living room. A first step is necessary if you are ever going to get anywhere. Often fear […]

Fear and faith – finding peace in EVERY storm

What exactly IS fear? Jesus says it is lack of faith. ☆ Fear focuses on circumstances. Faith focuses on the reality of God IN the circumstance. That’s the key. Can I ask you to keep reading so I an explain? It won’t take long, I promise. 🙂 God – Creator of the universe and our FATHER […]

Perhaps the hardest mindset shift I’ve ever had to make

One of the hardest mindset shifts I’ve ever had to make has crept into my life over the past 3 years. I USED TO think along the line of what we often hear in our culture. “You need to find your calling and pursue it.” Living according to that philosophy I’ve incessantly wondered if I’m […]

The power of belief in the right things

What would you receive if everything you got in life was doled out to you according to your belief in God’s ability and willingness to do it? I’m not being clever here, I’m asking the question implied in this passage. Let me quickly tell you the story to get you up to speed… Jesus had […]

I feel offended by Jesus

Jesus said some painfully hard things to people who had great hearts. The first guy in this passage expressed his eagerness to become a Christ-follower and instead of delighting in his decision, Jesus points out how hard it will be. The second guy had an important family obligation to attend to and then intended to […]

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