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Carey Green - speaker, entrepreneur, and coach

Hi, I’m Carey!

You CAN start your journey toward self-employment independence today. You CAN work toward creating the lifestyle you want and need…  but it won’t be easy.

I know… I’ve been doing it since I retired from my previous career in 2012. 

Now I’m enjoying things I never knew I was missing…

  • More time with my family
  • A flexible schedule I control
  • Creative expression
  • Increased income
  • Optimism about my financial future
  • The joy of being able to be generous

If I can do it… you can too.

And I’m not talking about MLM or some get rich quick scheme. I’m talking about honest hard work to build, establish, and grow your own business.

It’s what I’ve been blessed by the grace of God to accomplish in a relatively short matter of time – and I’m thinking the lessons I’ve learned could be valuable to other people who are ready to get out of the trap they’re in.

Please keep me informed. I want to learn more about how I could build my own lifestyle business!


If you want to know more, watch the short video to the left… it tells you a bit of my story and highlights what some ideas I’ve had about putting together resources to help everyday people learn how to start their own business with little money, in their spare time, with lots of payoff in the end.

That’s what I did, so I know you can do it too.

If that sounds like information you could use, let me know you’re interested and would like to see me put some resources together – I’d love to hear from you.

Use the form above to let me know. You’ll receive a confirmation email (click the confirmation link it contains) and then be you’ll be on my update list. I’ll let you know exactly what I’m up to and what resources I’m working on.

Thanks! I’ll be in contact soon!

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