take the first step

Take the first step

When you take the first step – you are on the way. Have you ever thought of it that way? It doesn’t matter if we are talking about a climb up a mountain or a walk across the living room. A first step is necessary if you are ever going to get anywhere. Often fear holds us back from taking…

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Matt 8, 24-26 - fear and faith

Fear and faith – finding peace in EVERY storm

What exactly IS fear? Jesus says it is lack of faith. ☆ Fear focuses on circumstances. Faith focuses on the reality of God IN the circumstance. That’s the key. Can I ask you to keep reading so I an explain? It won’t take long, I promise. 🙂 God – Creator of the universe and our FATHER – is present in every…

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Matt 9,9 - mindset shift

Perhaps the hardest mindset shift I’ve ever had to make

One of the hardest mindset shifts I’ve ever had to make has crept into my life over the past 3 years. I USED TO think along the line of what we often hear in our culture. “You need to find your calling and pursue it.” Living according to that philosophy I’ve incessantly wondered if I’m “on track.” I’ve felt like…

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Matt 8,13 - the power of belief in the right things

The power of belief in the right things

What would you receive if everything you got in life was doled out to you according to your belief in God’s ability and willingness to do it? I’m not being clever here, I’m asking the question implied in this passage. Let me quickly tell you the story to get you up to speed… Jesus had been doing lots of amazing…

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Matt 8, 19-20 - I feel offended by Jesus

I feel offended by Jesus

Jesus said some painfully hard things to people who had great hearts. The first guy in this passage expressed his eagerness to become a Christ-follower and instead of delighting in his decision, Jesus points out how hard it will be. The second guy had an important family obligation to attend to and then intended to follow Jesus. But Jesus’ comment…

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Matt 7,21 - I told you so, doing god's will

I told you so, loving warnings, and doing the will of God

Nothing hurts quite like an “I told you so.” It hurts because we were clearly warned about a danger and we chose to ignore the warning. Why do we do that? In my experience, it’s because… (A) We couldn’t see the danger. Or… (B) We could see it but didn’t agree that it was at that dangerous. And after the…

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Matt 7,9-11 - ask God

Why are we afraid to ask God for what we want?

Many years ago when my wife and I were working to start a church we received an incredible gift at just the right time. The job I was working didn’t meet the bills. It was a season where we truly didn’t know where the rent money was going to come from each month. My soul was plagued with anxiety most…

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Among the many things to be thankful for, I’m thankful for this person

Would you sign up for the following job description? On call 24/7/365. Required to step into emotionally laden situations and be the voice of both comfort and reason. Must say things people don’t want to hear, often when they don’t want to hear them. Will be evaluated, compared, and criticized by many people you serve with little recourse or opportunity to respond….

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Church Leadership Training: The Elder Training Handbook

Church Leadership Training: How the Elder Training Handbook Was Created

Finding and equipping the right people for church leadership is one of the most important tasks in the church… And I’ve had my share of struggles through the years. I mean, it’s hard to find the RIGHT men to serve as Elder. And it’s even harder to know IF they are the right men for the role. As I had to…

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preaching to the social media choir

Preaching to the social media choir

Preaching to the choir. It’s a phrase used to express the ridiculousness of speaking with conviction to people who are already convinced of your position. But through the sweet and gentle correction of a trusted friend I’ve come to notice that I do it all the time on social media. Here’s how it happened: I posted on Facebook about a…

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